BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8


POETRY: A Beautiful Young Woman on the Shelter Bay-Galena Bay Ferry

BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

by Tom Wayman (pg: 76)

POETRY: The Sacked Forsaken Places

BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

by Peter Trower (pg: 106)

Review Essay

Marine Life

Issue BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

by Laurie Ricou (pgs: 69-72)

  • Light on the Water: Early Photography of Coastal British Columbia
    by Keith McLaren
  • Westcoasters: Boats that Built British Columbia
    by Tom Henry
  • Raincoast Chronicles 18: Stories and History of the British Columbia Coast
    by Howard White
  • Heart of the Raincoast: A Life Story
    by Alexandra Morton, Billy Proctor

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What the Horse Has Done For Us

Issue BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

by Roderick J. Barman (pgs: 73-5)

  • Legends of Our Times: Native Cowboy Life
    by Morgan Baillergeon, Leslie Tepper
  • stories and images about what the horse has done for us: an illustrated history of Okanagan ranching and rodeo
    by Bill Cohen
  • Comparing Cowboys and Frontiers
    by Richard W. Slatta

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Book & Film Reviews
The True Spirit and Original Intent of Treaty 7
Issue BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

by Treaty 7 Elders and Tribal Council, Walter Hildebrandt, Sarah Carter, Dorothy First Rider

- Reviewed by Kenichi Matsui (pg: 80-81)

Issue BC Studies 123 (Autumn 1999) Treaty 8

by Deward E. Walker, Jr.

- Reviewed by Wendy Wickwire (pg: 85-7)



Roderick J. Barman, an expert on the history of Brazil, teaches Latin American history at the University of British Columbia. He has applied his knowledge of packing in Brazil to the Pacific Northwest and will shortly publish "Packing in British Columbia: Transport on a Resource Frontier" in the Journal of Transport History.

Charlene Porsild is a native of the Yukon and a former Fulbright Scholar. She teaches history at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln where she also edits the Great Plains Quarterly. Her book, Gamblers and Dreamers: Women, Men, and Community in the Klondike(Vancouver: UBC Press, 1998) won the W. Turrentine Jackson Prize of the Western History Association and the Clio Award from the Canadian Historical Association in 1999.

Arthur J. Ray, a Professor of History at the University of British Columbia, teaches and does research in the area of First Nations economic history and has been involved as an expert witness in numerous Aboriginal and treaty rights cases across Canada. He is the author of I Have Lived Here Since the World Began: An Illustrated History of Canada's Native People (Toronto: Key Porter & Lester, 1996).

Laurie Ricou is the Poetry Editor of BC Studies. A Professor of English Literature, he teaches Pacific Northwest and British Columbia writing at the University of British Columbia.

Peter Trower was a logger for twenty-two years before he turned to writing poetry and fiction. He divides his time between Gibsons and North Vancouver. His book of poetry, Chainsaws in the Cathedral, has just been published by Ecstasis Editions and his third novel is due soon from Harbour Publishing.

Tom Wayman's most recent book of poems is The Colours of the Forest, (Madeira Park: Harbour, 1999). He currently teaches writing at Douglas College and Kwantlen University College .