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Book Review

Mountains So Sublime: Nineteenth-Century British Travellers and the Lure of the Rocky Mountain West

Mountains So Sublime is a thoughtful study of the reactions of Victorian British travellers to the Rocky Mountain West, as expressed through their published travelogues and unpublished diaries and reminiscences. Recently retired from a long...

By Forrest Pass

Book Review

Shashin: Japanese Canadian Photography to 1942

During the early decades of the twentieth century, a number of Japanese Canadian photographers established studios in British Columbia, where they plied their trade. In the process of doing so, these photographers also produced a...

By Andrea Geiger

Book Review

Negotiating Buck Naked: Doukhobors, Public Policy, and Conflict Resolution

No one knows better than Gregory Cran the sometimes baffling intricacies of the relationship among the various groups of Doukhobors and between them and the mainstream community in British Columbia. Between 1979 and 1987, he...

By Larry Hannant

Book Review

Pioneer Jews of British Columbia

Pioneer Jews of British Columbia is a compilation of articles that first appeared in two journals, Western States Jewish History and The Scribe, dealing with Jewish settlement in British Columbia in the nineteenth and early...

By Jean Gerber

Book Review

A Brush with Life

A Brush with Life narrates the career of John Koerner, a Czechborn artist who has worked in Vancouver for over sixty years. He taught painting and drawing in the city from 1953 to 1962 and...

By Sandra Paikowsky

Book Review

Heart of the Cariboo-Chilcotin: Stories Worth Keeping

Diana Wilson deserves congratulations for the excellent collection of writings that she has assembled in this wonderful book. Wilson’s aim, as she writes in the introduction, was to choose voices that reflect the multifaceted nature...

By Jocelyn Smith

Book Review

Theatre in British Columbia

Theatre in British Columbia consists of eighteen articles by academics and artists who explore plays, playwrights, and/or productions that reflect theatre within the Province of British Columbia. This important book is Volume 6 in the...

By George Belliveau

Book Review

Bud Inc.: Inside Canada’s Marijuana Industry

PDF – Christopher Dummitt Review Essay – BC Studies 153, Spring 2007

By Christopher Dummitt

Book Review

Pioneers of the Pacific: Voyages of Exploration, 1787-1810

In 2002, the National Maritime Museum in London published Captain Cook in the Pacific, introduced by Glyn Williams, with the succeeding chapters written by Nigel Rigby and Pieter van der Merwe. The present book by...

By Christon Archer

Book Review

Nikkei in the Pacific Northwest: Japanese Americans and Japanese Canadians in the Twentieth Century

This long-awaited book emerged from a May 2000 conference entitled “The Nikkei Experiences in the Pacific Northwest.” The conference was organized by the Department of History at the University of Washington (UW) in conjunction with...

By Yuko Shibata

Book Review

Partisanship, Globalization, and Canadian Labour Market Policy: Four Provinces in Comparative Perspective

This is a book that I will use in two of my university courses: one on Canadian political economy and the other on labour policy. It is well researched, deals with issues that have immediate...

By Marjorie Cohen

Book Review

Raven Travelling: Two Centuries of Haida Art

A book of this kind – large and sumptuous, rich with colour photo graphs of historical and more recent Haida art from the Northwest Coast, and featuring a dozen essays by Haida and non-Native contributors...

By Karen Duffek



Morgan Baker is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Victoria. Major publications include: “Ageism, sex, and age: a factorial survey approach”, Canadian Journal of Aging, Vol. 2(4):177-84. 1984 “Supportive housing preferences among the elderly” Journal of Housing for the Elderly, 7(1):5-24. 1990 (With M. Prince). “Status, gender, and age: perceptions of old and young people” Canadian Journal on Aging 8(3): 255-267 1989 (with I.D. Graham). “Division of Labour” Pages 695-700 in E. Borgatta and R. Montgomery (eds.), Encyclopedia of Sociology, NY: Macmillan 2000.

Christopher Dummitt is the author of The Manly Modern: Masculinity in the Postwar Years (Vancouver: UBC Press, 2007). From 2005 to 2007 he was lecturer in Canadian Studies at the University of London’s Institute for the Study of the Americans. In the summer of 2007, he joined the History Department at Trent University.

Dorothy Kennedy completed a D.Phil. at the University of Oxford and a M.A. from the University of Victoria, for which she was awarded the Lieutenant Governor’s Medal. She currently works as a consultant to First Nations, government and corporations concerning issues of aboriginal rights and title. Her publications on the aboriginal people of BC include the edited (with Randy Bouchard) translation of Franz Boas’ Indian Myths and Legends from the North Pacific Coast of America (Talonbooks 2002).

Jade Norton is a sociologist who works as a Senior Research Officer with the Ministry of Labour and Citizens’ Services.

Yvan Prkachin is originally from Sackville, New Brunswick, but has lived in Prince George for the last fourteen years, where he graduated with honors from the University of Northern British Columbia. In 2006, he received a Canada Graduate Scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, and is currently pursuing his Masters degree in History at the University of Guelph.