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Book Review

Reflections on “Oasis”: Representing Kelowna, 1905-2005

PDF – MacHardy Review Essay, BC Studies 148, Winter 2005/06

By Carolyn MacHardy

Book Review

Undelievered Letters to Hudson’s Bay Company Men on the Northwest Coast of America, 1830-57

In Undelivered Letters, editors Judith Hudson Beattie and Helen M. Buss provide a voice for those North American fur trade people usually thought to be voiceless. This publication of over 200 undelivered letters to men who...

By Carolyn Podruchny

Book Review

Coldstream: The Ranch Where It All Began

When Lord and Lady Aberdeen purchased the Coldstream Ranch near Vernon in 1891, they could hardly have suspected their experience with the property would establish patterns that would be followed for the next century. By...

By Wayne Norton

Book Review

An Okanagan History: The Diaries of Roger John Sugars, 1905 to 1919

Between the 1890s and the Great War the Okanagan Valley was transformed from an extensive ranching landscape into an ordered landscape of orchards and townsites. This was a result of access to the valley thanks...

By Paul Koroscil

Book Review

Finding Home: A War Child’s Journey to Peace

Frank Oberle wrote his two-volume biography primarily for his children and the people he and his wife befriended over the years “to give them,” as he says, “some insight into the past which may have...

By Christian Lieb

Book Review

A Political Space: Reading the Global through Clayoquot Sound

Clayoquot Sound. Home of the Nu-Chah-Nuulth First Nation for thousands of years. Home of loggers and fishers who have contributed to a global market for wood and fish products for decades. Home to scenic fjords,...

By David Tindall

Book Review

Second Growth: Community Economic Development in Rural British Columbia

Recently the CBC program Ideas aired “Canadian Clearances,” a documentary about the impacts of globalization in rural Canada.1 What has come to epitomize the political activism of rural and remote communities is the depth of...

By Tracy Summerville

Book Review

Coming to Shore: Northwest Coast Ethnology, Traditions, and Visions

Coming to Shore promises to make a significant contribution to the anthropological study of the indigenous peoples and cultures of the North Pacific Coast of North America. Comprising papers from the Northwest Coast Ethnology Conference,...

By Robert Hancock

Book Review

Stanley Park’s Secret: The Forgotten Families of Whoi Whoi, Kanaka Ranch and Brockton Point

Jean Barman brings clarity to a long misunderstood part of the early history of Vancouver and British Columbia. Building upon earlier re-search on Stanley Park by William C. McKee (Urban History Review 3 [1978]), Robert...

By Sean Kheraj

Book Review

British Columbia: Land of Promises

This delightful book is Volume 5 of Oxford University Press’s six-volume Illustrated History of Canada. As the authors note in the introduction, the series is “uniquely Canadian” because the volumes are not shaped by chronology...

By Robert Campbell

Book Review

Radical Campus: Making Simon Fraser University

When Simon Fraser University (SFU) opened in the fall of 1965, the registrar locked himself in his office and refused to answer the phone. A group of department heads, who later entered the office, found...

By James Pitsula

Book Review

Dream City: Vancouver and the Global Imagination

Dream City. The title is captivating, but what does it mean? Lance Berelowitz’s book about changes in the urban design and planning of Vancouver opens and closes by briefly discussing the phrase “dream city,” but...

By Lawrence McCann

Book Review

Do Glaciers Listen?: Local Knowledge, Colonial Encounters, and Social Imagination

PDF – Harris Review Essay, BC Studies 148, Winter 2005/06  

By Cole Harris

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Hugh Johnston is a Professor emeritus in history at Simon Fraser University and the recent author of Radical Campus: Making Simon Fraser University (Douglas and McIntyre, 2005). He has been researching and publishing on the Sikhs since the mid-1970s.

Carolyn MacHardy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Critical Studies (Art History) UBCO. She is preparing a book on the history of art in the Okanagan Valley and has published exhibition essays on Okanagan artists as well as Canadian and French etchers of the early 20th century.

Wing Chung Ng is an Associate Professor of history at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He is particularly interested in questions pertaining to identity, culture, and institutions in his research on South China and the Chinese diaspora. His book The Chinese in Vancouver, 1945-1980: The Pursuit of Identity and Power was published by UBC Press.