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Sir James Douglas’ Mother and Grandmother  

By Charlotte S.M. Girard

Terms | Douglas Sir James

Book Reviews

Book Review

Motion Picture Production in British Columbia: 1898-1940

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 44, Winter 1979

By Norah Hutchinson

Book Review

Community Work in Canada

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 44, Winter 1979  

By Gustave de Cocq

Book Review

Vancouver Island: Land of Contrasts

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 44, Winter 1979  

By J. Robinson

Book Review

Ocean of Destiny: A Concise History of the North Pacific, 1500-1978

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 44, Winter 1979  

By Robin Fisher



Charlotte Girard is a professor of History at the University of Victoria.

Barry Gough is a member of the Department of History at Wilfrid Laurier University.

Robert Levine is Associate Curator of the Linguistics Division in the Provincial Museum.

James Redford is with the Ministry of Finance in Victoria.

Robert Todd teaches Classics at the University of British Columbia.