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Book Review

Bowering’s BC: A Swashbuckling History

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 113, Spring 1997

Review by Allan Smith

Book Review

I Have Lived Here Since the World Began: An Illustrated History of Canada’s Native People

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 113, Spring 1997  

Review by Bruce Rigsby

Book Review

A History of Canadian Architecture, Volumes I and II

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 110, Summer 1996  

Review by Christopher Thomas

Book Review

Roaring Days: Rossland’s Mines and the History of British Columbia

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 109, Spring 1996  

Review by H.V. Nelles

Book Review

Tangled Webs of History: Indians and the Law in Canada’s Pacific Coast Fisheries

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 108, Winter 1995/96

Review by Douglas Sanders

Book Review

Women Volunteer to Go to Prison: A History of the Elizabeth Fry Society of BC, 1939-1989

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 103, Autumn 1994  

Review by Linda Kealey

Book Review

Law for the Elephant, Law for the Beaver: Essays in the Legal History of the North American West

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 101, Spring 1994  

Review by Tina Loo

Book Review

British Columbia: A History of the Province

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 93, Spring 1992

Review by Margaret Prang

Book Review

Regulating Lives: Historical Essays on the State, Society, the Individual, and the Law

REGULATING LIVES adds to a rapidly growing body of work in Canadian legal history and in the history of moral regulation. The collection should be of great interest to historians of the family, gender, race...

Review by Catherine Carstairs

Book Review

A History of the Corporation of the District of Coldstream

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 91/92, Autumn/Winter 1991/92  

Review by L.G. Thomas

Book Review

Senewelets: Culture History of the Nanaimo Coast Salish and the False Narrows Midden

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 91/92, Autumn/Winter 1991/92  

Review by Gregory Monks

Book Review

Stella: Unrepentant Madam

Linda Eversole’s biography of Victoria madam Stella Carroll (1872-1946) is listed on the book cover as fitting into two genres: “creative non-fiction” and “history.” It’s an interesting division for an interesting book. Having spent more...

Review by Jenea Tallentire

Book Review

First Invaders: The Literary Origins of British Columbia

Alan Twigg is the publisher of BC BookWorld, which plays an important role in the literary life of British Columbia, and the author of eight previous books, chiefly on literature and politics. First Invaders is...

Review by Daniel Clayton

Book Review

Historical Atlas of Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley

The cover of this atlas is engaging [1]. The muted grey, black, and red jacket offers an intriguing bird’s-eye view of Vancouver in 1912, looking west from New Westminster to Stanley Park. The heavy antique...

Review by Sally Hermansen

Book Review

Contesting Rural Space: Land Policy and Practices of Resettlement on Saltspring Island, 1859-1891

One of the most unexpected conse quences of the systematic social history undertaken in the 1960s and 1970s was a profound rethinking of its initial focus on industrialization and urbanization as the central features of...

Review by Chad Gaffield

Book Review

The Pacific Muse: Exotic Femininity and the Colonial Pacific

In their recent edited collection, Bodies in Contact: Rethinking Colonial Encounters in World History (2005), Tony Ballantyne and Antoinette Burton call for a renewed focus on gender as a category of historical analysis, positioning “the...

Review by Frances Steel

Book Review

Pioneer Jews of British Columbia

Pioneer Jews of British Columbia is a compilation of articles that first appeared in two journals, Western States Jewish History and The Scribe, dealing with Jewish settlement in British Columbia in the nineteenth and early...

Review by Jean Gerber

Book Review

Invisible Genealogies: A History of Americanist Anthropology

IT IS FREQUENTLY asserted that contemporary anthropology is distinctive in that it represents a radical, self-conscious departure from its earlier traditions. While accepting that this orientation has been of value particularly in exposing the baggage...

Review by Michael Asch

Book Review

You Are Asked to Witness: The Sto:lo in Canada’s Pacific Coast History

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 123, Autumn 1999  

Review by E. Douglas

Book Review

Beyond the City Limits: Rural History in British Columbia

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 123, Autumn 1999  

Review by Margaret Conrad

Book Review

The Cambridge History of the Native Peoples of the Americas Vol. 1: North America, parts 1 and 2

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 118, Summer 1998

Review by Paige Raibmon

Book Review

The Heiltsuks: Dialogues of Culture and History on the Northwest Coast

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 117, Spring 1998  

Review by Margaret Anderson

Book Review

Shingwauk’s Vision: A History of Native Residential Schools

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 114, Summer 1997  

Review by Celia Haig-Brown

Book Review

Pro-Family Politics and Fringe Parties in Canada

One of the most contentious aspects of politics is the legislation of morals. How much should governments be beholden to any one set of religious beliefs held by influential minorities or a major ity? Chris...

Review by John Dyck