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A Modern Life: Art and Design in British Columbia, 1945-1960

An early and still not inappropriate epithet for Vancouver is Terminal City. This epithet denotes not only a peripheral cultural as well as a geographical location but also the city’s potential for development, despite its...

Review by Rhodri Windsor-Liscombe


The Gold Will Speak For Itself: Peter Leech and Leechtown

Vancouver Island has a distinctive personality among the regions of British Columbia, one that has been shaped in complex ways by geography and history. The books reviewed here vary in their candlepower, but all of...

Review by Patrick Dunae


Vancouver: An Illustrated History

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 56, Winter 1982  

Review by John Weaver



The Vancouver Soundscape

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 24, Winter 1974/75

Review by Leonard Marsh



PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 39, Autumn 1978

Review by Alan Artibise


Along the No. 20 Line: Reminiscences of the Vancouver Waterfront

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 50, Summer 1981  

Review by Norbert MacDonald


Quest for a Profession: The History of the Vancouver General Hospital School of Nursing

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 23, Autumn 1974

Review by Margaret E. Kerr


Vancouver: Western Metropolis

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 41, Spring 1979

Review by John Weaver


Vancouver Island: Land of Contrasts

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 44, Winter 1979  

Review by J. Robinson


Social Trends in Greater Vancouver: A Study of a North American Metropolis

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 29, Spring 1976  

Review by Chris McNiven


Islands of Truth: The Imperial Fashioning of Vancouver Island

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 129, Spring 2001  

Review by Richard White


Matt and Jenny in Old Vancouver

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 74, Summer 1987  

Review by Emma Dawson-Halpern


A Review of Storyeum in Vancouver’s Historic/Touristic of Gastown

PDF – Stanley Review Essay, BC Studies 145, Spring 2005

Review by Meg Stanley


Vancouver Defended: A History of the Men and Guns of the Lower Mainland Defences, 1854-1949

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 38, Summer 1978

Review by Murray Hunter


Vancouver Voters, 1886: A Biographical Dictionary

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 109, Spring 1996  

Review by Jean Barman


The Unnatural History of Stanley Park Exhibit, Vancouver Museum

PDF – Kheraj Review Essay, BC Studies 161, Spring 2009

Review by Sean Kheraj