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Book Review

Canadian Confederation at the Crossroads. The search for a federal-provincial balance

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 43, Autumn 1979

Review by Edward McWhinney

Book Review

Dictionary of Canadian Biography, Volume X, 1871-1880

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 15, Autumn 1972

Review by Margaret Prang

Book Review

Book Review

Gentlemen Emigrants: From the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 54, Summer 1982

Review by Jean Barman

Book Review

Canada’s Urban Past: A Bibliography to 1980 and Guide to Canadian Urban Studies

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 54, Summer 1982  

Review by R. MacDonald

Book Review

Life and Death of a Union: The Canadian Seamen’s Union, 1936-1944

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 45, Spring 1980

Review by Irving Abella

Book Review

Monopoly’s Moment, The Organization and Regulation of Canadian Utilities, 1830-1930

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 77, Spring 1998

Review by Patricia Marchak

Book Review

Canadian Battles and Massacres

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 35, Autumn 1977  

Review by Reginald Roy

Book Review

Tales from the Canadian Rockies

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 71, Autumn 1986  

Review by David Smyth

Book Review

The Politics of Canadian- Japanese Economic Relations 1952-1983

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 66, Summer 1985  

Review by John English

Book Review

Phillips in Print: The Selected Writings of Walter J. Phillips on Canadian Nature and Art

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 64, Winter 1984  

Review by Gerald Friesen

Book Review

A Communist Life: Jack Scott and the Canadian Workers Movement, 1927-1985

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 84, Winter 1989/90  

Review by Philip Resnick

Book Review

Class, Gender and Region: Essays in Canadian Historical Sociology

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 82, Summer 1989  

Review by Rennie Warburton

Book Review

Book Review

Remembered in Bronze and Stone: Canada’s Great War Memorial Statuary

In the two decades following the Great War, Canadian sculptors, architects and stonemasons produced over four thousand war monuments in the form of plaques, shafts, crosses, obelisks, stelae and figurative sculptures. Some were paid for...

Review by Maria Tippett

Book Review

The Burden of History: Colonialism and the Frontier Myth in a Rural Canadian Community

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 128, Winter 2000  

Review by Jo-Anne Fiske

Book Review

Moved by the State: Forced Relocation and Making a Good Life in Postwar Canada

Focusing on the “trente glorieuses” period, Tina Loo’s study of how the Canadian welfare-state pursued its promise of universality gives us an in-depth look at five communities: namely Inuit villages in the district of Keewatin...

Review by Caroline Desbiens

Book Review

The Politics of Resentment: British Columbia Regionalism and Canadian Unity

PDF – Book Reviews, BC Studies 129, Spring 2001  

Review by Stephane Levesque