BC Studies 109 (Spring 1996)

BC Studies 109 (Spring 1996)

Book & Film Reviews
On the Highest Hill
Issue BC Studies 109 (Spring 1996)

by Roderick L. Haig-Brown

- Reviewed by Carole Gerson (pg: 91-3)

The Klondike Stampede
Issue BC Studies 109 (Spring 1996)

by Tappan Adney

- Reviewed by Julie Cruikshank (pg: 102-4)



Justine Brown is a doctoral candidate in English at the University of Toronto and author of All Possible Worlds: Utopian Experiements in British Columbia.

Keith Carlson works as a historian for Stó:l&o Nation and pursues a number of independent research interests, including those that led to his article in this issue.

Craig Davis is a professor in the Department of Community and Regional Planning at UBC.

Robert T. Galois is an adjunct professor in the Department of Geography at UBC, and author of a recent book on Kwakwaka'wakw settlement.

R.C. (Bob) Harris is a retired engineer and a close student of the early cartography of BC.

Patrick Lane is an internationally-known BC poet whose most recent book of poetry is Too Spare, Too Fierce.

Kevin Paul is a young Saanich poet whose work is attracting wide interest.



The Lynching of Louie Sam

Issue BC Studies 109 (Spring 1996)

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