BC Studies 117 (Spring 1998)

BC Studies 117 (Spring 1998)

Book & Film Reviews


David Mattison has worked since 1981 for the British Columbia Archives as both an archivist and a librarian. He was introduced to the Internet in 1991 and, a year later, co-founded Canada's first community computer network, the Victoria Free-Net, now known as the Victoria Telecommunity Network. David has also contributed to photographic and film history. His publications include Camera Workers: The British Columbia Photographers Directory, 1858-1900 (1985) and Eyes of a City: Early Vancouver Photographers, 1868-1900 (1986).

Patricia E. Roy teaches Canadian history at the University of Victoria and has written extensively on the response of British Columbians to East Asian immigrants.

Freeman M. Tovell  spent thirty-five years in the Canadian Diplomatic Service and was a sessional lecturer in Canadian Diplomatic History at the University of Victoria from 1978 to 1984. He is currently completing a biography of Bodega y Quadra.

John Wedley writes on the history of resource and transportation policy in northern British Columbia. He has taught at several post-secondary institutions and is currently studying in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia.