NEW BLOG - Language and Justice in Canada 2017+


In her blog, "'She Named It Canada Because that’s What It Was Called': Language and Justice in Canada 2017+", Veronica Strong-Boag explores the power of language in Canada's past, present and future. As Canada celebrates its 150th, Strong-Boag examines the implications and consequences of language, the celebration, and Canada's future.

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CALL FOR - Research Notes


BC Studies invites work that recognizes the knowledge practices we develop as we conduct research within differing disciplinary, social and political contexts. We encourage submissions about the ways people are doing research; about research alliances and engagements, ethical and theoretical considerations. 

We welcome submissions from emerging and established scholars in all disciplines working in or on British Columbia. Research Notes are six to ten pages (3000 - 5000 words) although shorter and longer submissions are considered.

All submissions go through a double-blind, peer-review process including: soundworks & photo essays.

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Submission guidelines can be found at:


NEW Audiovisual Bibliography


BC Studies has just launched an Audiovisual Bibliography where we've catalogued the past ten years of British Columbian films. This includes films about every aspect of life in BC, as well as notable films made by leading British Columbian filmmakers. To browse the entire list, and explore our new Digital BC webpage, click here.


Congratulations to Laura Ishiguro - CHA Article Prize Winner!


BC Studies author Laura Ishiguro was awarded the Canadian Committee on Migration, Ethnictiy and Transnationalism Article Prize at this year's CHA prize ceremony. Ishiguro's winning article, "'Growing up and Grown up ... In Our Future City': Discourses of Childhood and Settler Futurity in Colonial British Columbia," appeared in BC Studies no.190 Histories of Settler ColonialismTo purchase the issue containing Ishiguro's article click here.

The full list of CHA prize winners can be read here.



REFLECTION by Michael Kew


Open access feature: J.E. Michael Kew's "Reflections on Anthropology at the University of British Columbia" is now available to read online! The reflection first appeared in BC Studies no. 193, spring 2017.

Read it here.

Brickyards in Nanaimo Built BC


Did you know Nanaimo had 6 brickyards in the early 20th century? Though short-lived, these brickyards contributed to the foundations of British Columbia as we now know it. Click here to read Greg Sakaki's article "Timeless tales: Nanaimo’s bricks helped build B.C."

The article also references John D. Adams' article "Bricks in Pre -1871 Victoria: Their Manufacture, Trade and Use," published in BC Studies no.74, summer 1987. Read Adams' article here.