public policy

Denying Indigenous Education in British Columbia: Examples from Wei Wai Kum (Campbell River) and We Wei Kai (Cape Mudge)

by Kate Dubensky and Helen Raptis (pg: 13-34)

Let’s Talk about Schools: Educational Policy-Making in British Columbia in the 1970s and 1980s

by Robert Whiteley (pg: 15-39)

COMMENTARY : Anti-Use Campaigns and Policy Making

by Tracy Summerville, Heather Myers (pg: 279-86)

FORUM: Site C: Considering the Prospect of Another Dam on the Peace River

BC Studies 161 (Spring 2009)

by Michael Church, Nichole Dusyk, Matthew Evenden, Ken Forest, Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Alexander Netherton, Adrienne Peacock (pg: 93- 114)