BC Studies 78 (Summer 1988)

BC Studies 78 (Summer 1988)

Book & Film Reviews
Emily Carr
Issue BC Studies 78 (Summer 1988)

by Ruth Gowers

- Reviewed by Maria Tippett (pg: 88)



Hugh Johnston teaches history at Simon Fraser University. His publications include British Emigration Policy, 1815-1830: Shovelling Out Paupers (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1972) and The Voyage of the Komagata Maru (New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1979). 

Frank Millerd is Associate Professor of Economics in the School of Business and Economics, Wilfrid Laurier University. 

Allan Irving teaches in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Toronto in the areas of social welfare history and social policy. He is currently completing a biography of Harry Cassidy.