BC Studies 12 (Winter 1971)

BC Studies 12 (Winter 1971)

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Robin Fisher is from New Zealand where he took an M.A. at Auckland. He is presently completing his graduate work at U.B.C. where his main interest is Indian-White relations in early B.C. 

Mark Sproule-Jones teaches political science at the University of Victoria. His study of referenda was published in BC Studies in 1970. 

Edwin R. Black is a political scientist at Queen's University and was recently director of the Progressive Conservative research group in Ottawa. 

Martin Robin is a sociologist teaching at Simon Fraser University and is the author of a number of studies of B.C. Politics. 

Donald Blake is a native of Alberta, a graduate of Yale and presently a member of the department of Political Science at U.B.C. 

Gordon R. Elliott is a professor of English at Simon Fraser University and an active member of the B.C. Historical Association.