Case Comments

Ongoing Advocacy for Prisoners’ Rights in the Continued Administration of Solitary Confinement: British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and John Howard Society of Canada v. Canada (Attorney General) by Bibhas D. Vaze (Spring 2018)

Centring the Margins: Reflections on British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and John Howard Society of Canada v. Canada (Attorney General) by Raji Mangat (Spring 2018)

Public Education under BC’s Liberals: Fifteen Years of Willful Neglect by Susan Lambert, BCTF President 2010-2013

Reinstatement of the Heroin Assisted Treatment Program by Katrina Pacey - Executive Director, Pivot Legal Society (October 2016)

In the Midst of a Mental Health Crisis, We are Failing Rural and Aboriginal Youth by Doug King, Pivot Legal Society (May 2016)

Temporarily Unchained: The Drive to Unionize Foreign Seasonal Agricultural Workers in Canada - A Comment on Greenway Farms and UFCW by Robert Russo (BC Studies Issue no. 169)

Rights, the Homeless, and Social Change: Reflections on Victoria (City) v. Adams (BCSC) by Margot Young (BC Studies Issue no. 164)

BC Studies welcomes submissions of case comments that seek to interpret, in relatively few words and clear prose, the significance and importance of recent legal decisions affecting British Columbia. Case comments should focus on one decision from any level of court or administrative tribunal and should aim to situate that decision in a broader historical, social, political, or economic context. They should be written in a manner that is accessible to an informed, general audience.

Case comments should be no more than 3,000 words. Manuscripts must be double spaced and Text and footnote style of non-legal sources should follow The Chicago Manual of Style. Citations of legal sources should follow the 8th Edition of the McGill Guide. 

BC Studies accepts manuscript submissions online through the Open Journal System (OJS). You must first register as an author and then follow the submission instructions.

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